Why negotiating skills are essential even for litigators

November 8, 2018

Clients should choose lawyers who are good negotiators and aware of the benefits of settlement and mediation,  as well as the many potential costs of failing to consider or engage in settlement discussions or mediation with their opponents.

This article https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/legal-affairs/judge-tells-couples-to-negotiate-not-attack/news-story/d5e78d5e8e476583aeb165a2f111d817?csp=13f4154ec73da18db5ab191e24b97c89  is an example of how the judiciary is viewing the refusal to negotiate. This is also why a great number of cases are sent to mediation.

At Donna Ross Dispute Resolution, our goal is to help clients and parties achieve a quicker and more cost-effective resolution, saving parties time, money and stress so they can turn the page move on with their personal and professional lives.

DRDR represents clients in contract and settlement negotiations. Donna Ross  acts as a mediator, facilitator and arbitrator to help parties who have trouble negotiating on their own.