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Why Mediation? Cost effective. Greater control. Customized solutions. Mediation is a process where parties in dispute work together, with the guidance of a neutral third party (the mediator), to achieve a solution. Mediation gives you greater control over the process and can often you a faster, solution that is customized to fit your needs and produces more satisfying results than going to trial. More often than not, mediation is far less expensive than litigation. ArbitrationArbitration involves the excellent ability to address complex issues, to articulate all of the issues in a concise and clearly understandable manner, and to formulate appropriate and timely solutions. Whether arbitration arises from commercial transactions or international law, Donna Ross Dispute Resolutions has a first-rate reputation for having a long-standing institutional knowledge of arbitration. Working primarily out of New York City and Melbourne, Australia, Donna Ross Dispute Resolutions is known for its resilient command of arbitration and a solid track record for resolving a full range of matters involving international disputes.

Dispute Prevention

Cost effective dispute prevention and resolution procedures are provided through mediation, arbitration, business partnering, and business counseling.

Donna Ross Dispute Resolutions offers its clients many options for selecting an appropriate ADR procedure, and to select from among many highly qualified neutrals.  A full range of dispute prevention and resolution services are provided along with administrative, financial and case management services.

A wealth of ADR knowledge is provided to clients so they are empowered to resolve all types of complex legal, business, family and inter-personal disputes. Clients are often advised to use preventive measures to encourage cooperation, equitable risk allocation, partnering, and retaining standing neutrals to avoid conflict and the high cost of litigation.

Business Advice

Offering business counsel is a substantial and rapidly expanding function of Donna Ross Dispute Resolutions.  We offer clients sophisticate legal expertise and a deep understanding of best practices in business.  We have a strong grasp of technology and industries in both established and emerging markets.  Most important of all, we represent businesses and individuals doing business in New York City as well as abroad. We also represent foreign companies, entities and individuals who are doing business, or seeking to do business, in the US.  Our many years of experience in mediation, arbitration, ADR, and of practicing law in the international arena integrates law with business and has broadened  our understanding of foreign politics and cultures. Consequently, we are able to satisfactorily resolve disputes across industries, sectors, and national borders.